Simple Step By Step Guide To Set Up Your Free PayPal Account

PayPal is one of the most popular online payment system through one can easily make monetary transaction online without any hindrance. It also permits you to link your debit or credit card of any bank, so that you can simply pay online through this excellent online international account. You might be thinking if there is any charge to open an online PayPal account. The answer is no, you do not need anything. Just you need to have a valid email id and put your information required and you are done. You need not to enter your online during transaction, just save it and you are on the go.

Steps To Set Up PayPal Account

You can take and give money from your PayPal account in no time. It is really fun sending and receiving money through PayPal, because creating account on PayPal is absolutely free and you need a few minutes to do that. Take a look how to set up a PayPal account without any assistance.

  • At first you need to log on to the official website of PayPal i.e. and go to sign up option. When you click on the sign up option, it will show you some welcome lines, like welcome to PayPal or something like it is secure and safe to receive and transfer money anytime and anywhere in the world.
  • Now you will see two options like Personal or Business account you want to sing up. If you are a business personal then you need to clink on business account and if not then you might be a personal want to use it as a personal user and clink on that.

Free PayPal Account

  • So you have clicked on it. We here are giving you tips to set up your PERSONAL ACCOUNT OR PERSONAL USER. When you have clicked on the personal account you will see asking email and password. Type your valid email and password as well.
  • When you have done the above you will get a confirmation mail on your registered valid email id which you have given in the time of registering the PayPal account. Go to your email clink the validation link and you will be diverted to PayPal.
  • Now you need to set up other important things, bank account set up, debit or credit card to make your transaction successful all the time.
  • Enter all the information asked and save it, do not forget to save.
  • When you have done PayPal will send a penny to your bank account to know if the bank account you have given is right, same as debit or credit card information.
  • You need to update your bank pass book or statement whichever you have. See the penny PayPal sent to you and the exact amount you need to put in the appropriate section of the PayPal personal account.
  • When you have done all the above you are now ready to use your PERSONAL PayPal account.

PayPal is one of the fastest as well as reliable online opensource money transaction website by which or through it you can send and receive money, almost all major currencies. So what are you thinking? Is not it easy? Yes it is. Go and get your new free PayPal account.


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Five Most Important Tips Help You Save from PayPal Frauds

Did you find any information to know that can help you to know and prevent your PayPal account from PayPal fraudsters? Have you already suffered from PayPal scam? If you are not the same then you are really fortunate we must say. And if you have it but do not know how to prevent PayPal scam, then you have surely come to right place. In this article we have discussed some important things that will make your aware how scammers always search online and make plot to victim PayPal account holders to steal money from their account.

Things to Know to Protect PayPal Account

Today’s age is the age of internet sensation. These days hardly you find a person who does not send or receive or tried once online. So you might be one of the persons who is doing this for a long period of time and have come to know about PayPal fraudsters or often called money stealer or scammers. They are everywhere in the internet, even you do not know when you are browsing your personal or business PayPal account and you are under the banner of scammers or money stealer. But to prevent it or to prevent your account to be hacked or stolen you certainly know how to protect your account. Let us see the things.

See For Any Grammatical Flaw

This is most of the time obvious to have fishy email, if you have a real PayPal account you should have seen they have not spelling errors, but a fishy and scam email does not have, so be careful before you click on those links. Do not be so careless when you are log in your personal or business PayPal account.

PayPal Frauds

Keeping Attention Of PayPal Greeting 

When you have done registering your PayPal account you should check the spelling first. This is one of the most important things you should do, before you enter your sensitive personal or business information when you are entering into PayPal account.

Think About Your Attachments

Whether you are doing everything with your personal or business PayPal account you should be very careful while doing any monetary transactions. So think about your attachments, when you are registering as well as entering your sensitive personal as well as business information and also the essential is the attachment that PayPal does not send at all.

Avoid Putting Personal Info On to The Mail 

Do not input or write any personal or business information onto the mail or email, because even you do not who and when the scammers hack your mail id and steal your sensitive information, better to go directly typing and go to the site, log in and enter into your account.

Avoid Clicking On Other Links

Avoid clicking on other links which you do not know or the link is showing error or suspicious as well.

These five important steps if you can follow, we hope you can prevent the scammers stealing or knowing your personal or business sensitive information from PayPal account.

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Transacting With Paypal – Don’t Forget To Take Your Invoice Print

We the world is changing so is the technology. One can say that the technology is improving and progressing on a daily basis. With the many changes, one of the most important is the way we transact our money. Many different options have cropped up over the years. The one that is extremely beneficial to them is the site of PayPal. This site helps a seller and the buyer in equal ways. There are many other advantages of the PayPal that people should know about. The following articles help in enlightening the people about the same.

The Advantages Of Using PayPal

Secure Payments

This is one of the most important of all points that one should remember. The PayPal makes sure that all the transactions are done safely. This is to make sure that the payments are not hindered by any kind of fraud. Also with the PayPal transactions, one doesn’t need to have their card details on the site and as a result, one doesn’t have any kind of risks involving the payment. People will be provided with the safest environment and by no means can people lose track on their payments. This one thing makes PayPal as the most trusted site too.

Transacting With Paypal

The Instant Payments

This is another point that one should remember of. The PayPal makes sure that all the payments are made in the best possible way. The payments are made instant and the moment one finishes with the transaction, the PayPal transacts there money then only. This reason is a reason what makes PayPal one of the most favourite methods Most of the other transactions can take time in showing up, and that is exactly how one can get delayed payments which may cause harm to their business too.

Get To Own The Best

It is not doubt that PayPal has been consecutively been declared as one of the best. With its services, it has turned out to be the most loved one. If one has a PayPal account, then it is definitely sure that the people who are dealing with them will trust them too. It is because of the reputation that PayPal has for itself. It is one of the leading brands and working with it can get one great reputation too. Also having an account with the PayPal makes it easier than one can think.

PayPal invoice

This is a system by PayPal that helps a lot. The invoicing system of PayPal allows the business owner in creating various invoices for various products. Once they are done with that, they can be assured that the buyers will get an option of PayPal during their payment when their invoice is generated. Once the payment is made the copy of the same comes to the email id of the seller with the details.

Why Shouldn’t One Forget To Take A Printout Of Their Invoice?

Invoice is an extremely important proof of any purchase. Once people gets an invoice, they should keep it intact with them for any kind of future references. This way they can ensure that none of the parties are cheated.

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